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Blue Classic BloxProx Holder

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Blue Classic BloxProx HolderBlue Secure Badgeholder Classic with BloxProx provides protection for HID Proximity tap and go 125Khz* IDs and Access cards as well as protection for 13.56Mhz Access and ID cards.

  • Uses patented 'squeeze to read' technology
  • Blocks RFID chips in cards from being read without permission
  • Ergonomic design allows user to present card to reader with one hand without removing the card
  • User can easily insert and remove card from holder with one hand
  • Holds one ISO7810 ID-1 form factor contactless smart card
  • Shields HID Proximity*, ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen 1/Gen 2 contactless smart cards and RFID tags
  • Physically protects card, weather and water resistant
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2" x 2-3/4"
Our Secure Badgeholders are made of extremely durable polycarbonate. The springs are stainless steel, ideal for salt-water environments. Insert and remove your card from the top. The state of the art unique open face design keeps the card locked-in to prevent loss, yet allows easy access to remove the card when neccessary.

SBD Approval
This secure access control badgeholder is a Secure by Design Police Approved Specification product for

Identity Fraud Protection.

* 125Khz cards are incredibly hard to block due to their low frequency range. Our new technology will provide protection in almost every daily use of the card and badge holders. If the card and badge holder in its protective position, were presented to a reader, and held 'on the reader' for an extended period of time, a read MAY be made, but the likelihood is slim. However, readers vary greatly and there may be a stray occurrence with extended presentation to the reader, even in the optimum protective state.