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Black RFID Mobile Pull Tab Card Pocket Mini

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Black RFID Mobile Pull Tab Card Pocket MiniThis RFID Cellphone Pull Tab Card Pocket Mini is so slim you will hardly notice it’s there - until you need your credit card. Then it will be as handy as can be; attached securely to the back of your phone with an authentic 3M heavy duty adhesive sticker. The clever pull tab design makes removing your cards a breeze. Simply pull the tab and cards are partially ejected beyond your phone’s edge making them easy to grab onto. The Card Pocket Mini will hold up to 3 cards. With your credit cards now in plain sight, attached to your phone, you’ll want to protect them from electronic pickpocketing more than ever. Unlike many other available card holders for your phone, ours is RFID shielded. For travellers using a boarding pass on their smart-phone, this is an especially convenient place to stow your driver’s license. The Mobile Card Pocket Mini is designed to fit phones which are at least 2.125 inches (5.4 cm) wide.


  • 1 Card Slot with Pull Tab Feature
  • Strong, reliable 3M adhesive sticker
  • PU Leather
  • Dimensions:
       3.750 x 2.500 x 0.250 inches
       9.53 x 6.35 x 0.64 cms
  • Product Weight:
       0.45 ounces
       13 grams
All of our products are developed in partnership with Identity Stronghold LLC USA, who are the original inventors of this RFID shielding technology.
Each individual pocket is completely shielded, locking your personal information safely inside.
Thanks to this smart design, even when your wallet is wide open, each card is protected.